Facebook Earnings 2020 Step by Step

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How to Start Facebook Earnings

The world biggest social media is Facebook. Millions of people are the backbone of this social media. You know we all use Facebook. There are good and bad aspects of Facebook. Some take advantage of Facebook and others use this media to engage in various misdeeds. You can start Facebook Earnings in 2020 easily. make money by Facebook is very easy.

We waste a lot of time on this social media. We end up with hundreds of MB or a few GB internet every day. It’s been a couple of hours together on Facebook. We have nothing to do except chat and chat with friends. We can’t understand how many hours are lost when you enter Facebook.

If that were the case, then Facebook could make some money. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and I are making millions of dollars in your money. You can start Facebook Earnings.

 Yes, today I will talk to you how you can make income by utilizing this Facebook media. This is not impossible.

So today, I will share with you 5 effective ways to make income from Facebook so that you can easily earn income.

You can start Freelancing. Read this for know what is freelancing: CLICK HERE

Let’s start with how you use Facebook as a way to make money.

The first thing you need to do is organize your Facebook profile creatively, so that anyone watching can know about you. Who are you What do you do? Your location etc etc….

If you are a creative, open a Facebook account with all the information about you then come to the main task.

1. Buy and sell products

Many of us sell different products. We can also sell our products through Facebook.

You create a post with product information, along with product information, then share it with your timeline in different groups so that your product will be promoted and you will receive a large number of customers. By doing this, your product will be sold in bulk.

If you want, you can pick up a gruff of your own to promote. This will help you get all your customers in one place.

You can’t sell certain things on Facebook.

For example:

1. Alcohol products

2. Addictive

3. Tobacco, etc.

4. With advertising

We often see various ads on Facebook, which we reluctantly come to my Facebook. Facebook collects ads from people like me and promotes it between me and you. Called advertising.

If you have a product you want to promote to Facebook users in your specific area, you can promote it through this Facebook ad.

But in return, you have to pay some money to Facebook.

2. By referral

For those of you who are reading this article, 5% of you who work online. Are you sure you need a referral while working online? In that case you will be able to collect your referral from Facebook. There are various online income groups on Facebook that will allow you to easily collect referrals.

2. Email Collect:

Many of us do email marketing. For this we collect emails from many places. Facebook can be a great means of collecting our email. We can easily collect email from our specific category based on this media. With these emails we can do email marketing later.

I will share with you one more post about email marketing, insha Allah!

Using Facebook Add

We all know about Adsense on Google, through Adsense through YouTube and websites we make income shows through income. Which wasn’t before on Facebook. Currently, they have started doing ad shows through Facebook and their pages. Through which you can monetize the Facebook page, you can make an ad show and earn money through your Facebook page.

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