Top10 Way To Make Money With Your Website

Top10 Way To Make Money With Your Website

Top10 Way To Make Money With Your Website

Do you want to make money with your website? Your idea is very unique. Yes, you can earn money with your website easily. I will show you Top10 Way To Make Money With Your Website. Just reading the post & get knowledge. 

Top10 Way To Make Money With Your Website

1. Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising with Google Adsense.

Do you have a website? You can earn money on your website & You can work at Google. Google Adsense is the best Advertisements company. You can make money from websites to monetizing your website. 

Do you know Google Adwords?   Google Adwords is the advertising to show up to Google Search Engine.   

& Google Adsense is the advertising all Publisher Ads includes blogger or website. As like your website.

You can monetize your website for  Google adsense.

  • First choose a domain name & connect a hosting provider.
  • Then upload Your domain & hosting to website.
  •  Design your website.
  •  Create some pages. Ex: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer,  Privacy & policy page & edit or design all pages of your website.
  •  Then input up to 20-30 Unique Article to your website.
  • Get Traffic to your website. 
  •  Now apply Google Adsense account for your website.
  •   When approved your application then you can get earning to your website.    


When you apply for Google Adsense & Google approved your application then you can show ads to your website. 

If your website is about  Financial, your Google Adsense start showing to your visitor Financial ads. If your website is about to Make money, Cars, Food, Health & Beauty, your website visitor can show Make money, Cars, Food, Health & Beauty related ads. 

You Get Profit when any visitor clicks this ad & you will earn money. This is so easy.

You Get Payment when your earning balance is 100$, you can withdraw your amount to your Bank Account. 

  How to apply for your Google Adsense?     

Google Adsense– Before applying for Google Adsense make sure your website keeps up Google Terms & Conditions.

2.Affiliate Marketing   

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to online making money. You can earn money with your website using Affiliate Marketing. 

First, choose your product & promote this to your website & website visitor. When any visitor visits your website & show your product and click on an affiliate link &  buy this product you get a profit of 30% to 70% per selling product. 

Your need promote products to your targeted traffic.

  1. You get traffic for your website. &
  2. Sell your product & get money.

 How to Get Products to Promote?

 Click Bank- Clickbank is the highest paying Affiliate Marketing Company. You get high-quality products on Clickbank.

3. Sell Your Own Products. 

Do you have many products to sell? You can sell your Products to throw your website.

If you have many products for sale & if you have products selling business then you can claim your success. 

Now you can promote products to your website & visitors showing your products. When any visitor shows your product & likes Your products then he wants to know product details.

When a visitors purchase & buy your product you can earn money.

How to Make Money Blogging in 2020

4. Cpa Marketing 

  CPA Marketing is a part of Affiliate Marketing. CPA Marketing one of the most popular works in online work. All new freelancers are the first to choose is CPA Marketing. 

Because you can earn easily to working Cpa Marketing.

What is CPA Marketing & how can you earn?-(

What is Cpa Marketing? (Read}

 Cpa marketing means Lead generation. You get some of the CPA marketing websites. This website giving you some offers. As like Financial, Gaming, Food, Health & beauty offers.

You get a link to offers. Your need just promotes this link to your targeted traffic. When anyone clicks the link and complete the Survey, Submit Email, Submit Phone Number, or Pin code & completed the sign up you get your benefit. 

How to i get CPA Offers? 
  1. Maxbounty    
  2. Advertain
  3. Adworkmedia
  4. Cpa Lead
  5. Cpagrip
  6. Ad4date

5.Write Products Review  

You can monetize your website to make money by writing any product review and write your unique review for high-level products. 

Use products review providing website.   



  Amazon Products review. 

6.Create E-commerce website and make money online   

You can earn money to online E-commerce website. 

7.Make money to advertising  without  Google Adsense

You can generate  a huge money  to advertising without Google Adsense. 

8.Buy & Sell Domain & Hosting

This very popular way to make money online. You can buy & sell domain & hosting provider with your website. This is very easy to making money. 

9.Sell E-books.

10. Banner advertising.         

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